Just Words from a FTM.

FTM- a full time mom. Yep, that’s me. I don’t have a desk job. I don’t put in labor at a factory or at a supermarket. I don’t have to deal with the general public at all unless I take my children to the doctor or to the grocery store or mall. But, don’t underestimate […]

Choices (that darn word).

This post will probably come off as bitchy and that’s exactly how I intend it to be. I absolutely despise when someone, who has made horrible choices with their own life, picks apart other people just because they’re so miserable. For example, if you are a tramp and sleep with men or women while you are married, […]

random thoughts.

• I want to be a more patient mom. I find myself losing patience very easily. Olivia was eating Cheerios tonight and threw most of them on the floor… it was really making me angry because I repeatedly asked her to stop throwing food on the floor. as easy as Cheerios are to sweep up! […]

I. am. enough.

———- as I am sitting in my bathtub, I’ve decided to write my blog. all that I really can think right now is, “I am enough”. I’m pretty enough, I’m nice enough, I’m sensitive enough, I’m tough enough, I’m classy enough. I’m strong enough. I’m enough. but…. is enough enough? today I feel like I […]

Olivia’s first haircut!

My little Livvy got her curly Q’s snipped on 11/2/14. When I picked up her golden locks off of the floor, I regretted my decision to cut her hair. Since this was her first hair cut, I thought about the fact that these curls I held in my hand were the curls that essentially grew […]

Baby Bliss

Congratulations!!   It’s a…….. BOY! ♡ Patrick and I couldn’t be more excited! Our family is growing and that’s a beautiful thing! Trenton Joel Baker is expected to make his big arrival on February 3rd, 2015.

Relationship advice from yours truly,

Everyone knows what love is. Everyone knows what the image of love portrays. Everyone has watched a Disney fairy tale. Maybe you have loved before. Maybe you’ve been loved. Maybe you are IN love. Whatever the case may be, let me give you some advice that I have learned in my short life time. 1.) […]