Choices (that darn word).

This post will probably come off as bitchy and that’s exactly how I intend it to be.

I absolutely despise when someone, who has made horrible choices with their own life, picks apart other people just because they’re so miserable.

For example, if you are a tramp and sleep with men or women while you are married, that’s YOUR decision. But when your husband/wife finds out and leaves you, don’t become the bitter witch who hates lovey-dovey relationships just because you royally screwed yours.

People make choices. Choices. Hear that word? You have a choice. So when you choose to ruin your life, do not blame others for your stupid decisions.


Now, for what this post is really about.

I am extremely happy in my relationship and I am so proud to be a young mother and wife. I would never change any decision I’ve made as far as these two roles go because I am perfectly content with my life. Sure, it has it’s difficulties, just like any other role people choose in life (there’s that darn word again). I chose to marry my best friend at twenty years old. I chose to have a child at twenty years old. I chose to keep the child I got pregnant with at eighteen years old. Hello, those were and are MY choices.

If you have a problem with MY choices, go. to. hell.

I do not broadcast my life and marriage in hopes to persuade other young couples to get knocked up and married. I hardly broadcast my relationship at all on social media. But even if I did… it would be MY choice.

My life is hardly a fairytale, but it works for me. Got that? It works. For. ME.


I have nothing else nice to say, so I will end it like this:

being happy is a choice you make for yourself. No one can make you happy, or sad, without your permission. Please start being a more pleasant person to be around… because right now, I can promise that no one likes you.

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