I. am. enough.


as I am sitting in my bathtub, I’ve decided to write my blog.

all that I really can think right now is, “I am enough”. I’m pretty enough, I’m nice enough, I’m sensitive enough, I’m tough enough, I’m classy enough. I’m strong enough. I’m enough.
but…. is enough enough?

today I feel like I am not enough… when I try to be enough, I feel like I haven’t done enough to be enough.
are you following me?

when I’m feeling like I’m not enough, I get discouraged and sad. but I watched a video today that reminded me that I am enough. I’m enough and I need to remember that. always.
I’m strong and confident. I’m beautiful. I’m a good mom. I’m not perfect, but what’s perfect? I’m courageous. I’m a fighter. I’m brave. I’m thoughtful. I’m kind. I’m caring.
I am enough.

I just wanted to write this so that the next time I’m feeling like I am not enough, I can come back and be reminded that
I am enough.

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